What is the ROFL Challenge?

The ROFL Challenge is a viral campaign that raises awareness of many non-profit organizations around the world that are working hard to make things better for us all. The Challenge involves being the spark of laughter that uplifts the world by creating a funny video, donating and challenging others.

Why are we promoting it?

We believe that this challenge empowers everyday people to have fun and do good and lift others up at the same time.

Why is it important to spread this message? Who benefits?

Ultimately everyone benefits. The people laughing in the videos, the non-profits that receive funds for their good work in the world and the people and causes that are supported by your contributions to said non-profits.

How can you be a part of it?

Now we’re talking!
Click Here to see the steps to taking and spreading the ROFL Challenge

Why might I want to participate?

There are many reasons to participate. Test your creativity, your sense of humor, your ability to spark joy in other people’s lives. Bask in pride after donating and supporting not 1 but 50 separate non-profits simultaneously that are making positive differences across the globe.

How is ROFL Challenge different from other fund raising initiatives?

This is the FIRST- EVER global collaborative fundraising challenge! Inspired by the proven KINS Collaborative Innovation Network Strategy, we brought together 50 organizations working all over the world, on all kinds of different problems, using a wide variety of approaches. We are joining hands to be more effective together and create joy and laughter while doing it.

What else can I do to support this challenge?

Besides recording your own video and donating to ROFLChallenge, you can follow us on social media and challenge your friends to do the same.

Why will I feel great donating!

It gets easy to feel hopeless and ineffective in these times of divisiveness, fake news and crises after crises. But it is also easy to regain some hope and sense of empowerment by seeing the vast and incredible work that is happening all over the world and by being a part of it. Never before have you been able to support 50 nonprofits working across the globe with just one small donation.
Who are the incredible nonprofits that are receiving my donation!

We did our research and pulled together a stellar list of 50 organizations serving the globe, representing all kinds of important causes and inspiring work. We only selected the most respected, reputable, generous, conscientious and effective nonprofits that are working in different areas of need.

  • What good work will my donation be causing in the world!
  • Caring for the beloved pets of people who are in hospice
  • Serving children in war torn countries with support and play
  • Providing needed services to our proud first responders
  • Ensuring a healthy environment for this and future generations
  • Bringing wishes and joy to children with serious illnesses
  • Fueling the best of human qualities like compassion, kindness and fierce love
  • Inventing technology that serves humanity
  • Creating a welcoming world for people with disabilities
  • Transforming society through experiential education, collaborative innovation and sacred studies
  • Creating innovation networks whose members work free to solve the world’s largest problems

The list goes on!

How are the donations split between the nonprofits?

Ninety five percent of the donations raised by the Rolling on the Floor Laughing Challenge will be spread to the benefiting nonprofits after the challenge has run its course. Four percent of the donations go to cover the donation platform percentage and one percent of donations cover other challenge costs The benefiting nonprofits are split into three tiers based on their ability to spread the challenge with the larger reach organizations benefiting more than the small organizations. A handful of generous donors financed the year long, pre-launch development of the challenge.

Is it really ok to be laughing while there is so much suffering in the world?

Indeed, it is vital for us to remember our connection to each other through universal positive experiences like joy and laughter. It reconnects us to each other and to the hope that lives inside of each of us.