• First ever global collaborative fundraising challenge


The Rolling on the Floor Laughing Challenge is the worlds first ever global collaborative fundraising challenge. Inspired by KINS Innovation Networks Methodology of whole system collaborative innovation, we have brought together 50 non-profits with high integrity, generosity, consciousness, and credibility to raise funds together for good work done all over the world.

We hope you will have a blast taking and spreading the ROFL Challenge and do your part to create an EXTRAVAGANZA OF GLOBAL GOOD!


Laugh your %^* off and support 50 non-profits doing great work all over the world in just a few minutes!

How to Take and Share the ROFL Challenge


Step 1: Be Nominated or Nominate Others

If you have not been nominated by friends to be a spark of laughter, don’t let that stop you. Jump on board the ROFL Challenge and be the one to nominate others.

Step 2: Make Someone Laugh

Tell a joke, play a (safe) prank, put on a skit, flash mob —just do something to get others laughing.

Step 3: Video or It Didn’t Happen

Capture your challenge on video. Cell phone cameras are A-Ok. You can film it selfie-style or have someone else record the shenanigans.

Announce who nominated you (if applicable) and who you are challenging.

Also, mention if you’ve donated as it will motivate others to do so. Send people to roflchallenge.org to donate or in the U.S. they can also text ROFL to 50155.

You can also announce that the people you challenged have 24 hours to respond if you want to create some urgency (or not if you don’t).

Step 4: Post and Donate

Donate – We are aiming to spread laughter globally and raise awareness of the organizations that are working hard for a better world and to support them with funding. Even a few dollars can make a big difference.

Post your video using #ROFLChallenge and make sure to challenge your friends!

We Go High Project

Compassion Games

Green America

KINS Innovation Networks

  • Laugh, give and uplift the world because you care



Media, Business, Celebrity, Influencer and Luminary Partners

(these organizations do NOT receive a portion of donated funds)